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In an uncertain world, we believe in certainty. Communication certainty. Anywhere, at any time and in any situation. We don’t just believe it’s possible, we’ve built the satellite network that uniquely makes it so.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector’s remote locations often mean heavy dependence on satellite solutions. Minimizing costs is key for most companies in this field.

Oil and Gas

VSAT Banking Solution

MAK ComSSol provides a full range of satellite services to the banking industry from VSAT back-up for terrestrial connectivity, to inter-branch VSAT connectivity between Head Offices and branches across cities and towns, VSAT connectivity linking rural branches to Head Office, and VSAT and fiber connectivity between in-country operations and International offices.


Every day, an innumerable number of vessels, including oil and gas rigs, rely heavily on satellite communications for vital and critical operations. When surrounded by nothing but the ocean, being able to connect and communicate to land becomes of the utmost importance. Vessels across the globe rely on uninterrupted internet availability for operational, safety and crew communication.

Satellite technology helps commercial shipping industry reduce its carbon footprint. The maritime industry requires robust satellite capacity for operations, navigation and on-shore monitoring as they cross oceans.

Maritime Ship

Internet Services Provider

MAK ComSSOl provides internet services and VSAT solutions in the UAE to every kind of enterprise, local customers, Government & industries.

The company specializes in Dial up connections and other IT solutions. The aim of the company is to deliver connectivity with best rates nationwide with valuable services and backend support.

VSAT Backup Services

Provide you with VSAT system that can be function (enabled) when you contact us for activation and this is done 24/7.

VSAT Backup


MAK ComSSol provides 24×7 high-throughout connectivity for linking HQ-based personnel and systems with technical experts.

Also MAk ComSSol is providing the best terrestrial network infrastructure and satellite communication with high quality services and 24/7 backend support to the Energy industry and open opportunities for its expansion and growth as well as increase safety in even their most hard-to-reach operations.