VSAT Integrators

VSAT Integration

VSAT Integrators

MAK ComsSol offers integration services for all type of VSAT ground services from .75M till 9M even more.
Our qualified and experienced workforce serve all over the Pakistan and GCC African countries and making it ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote area. Integration services includes…

• Site Surveys: (Detail report submission)
• Installation services (Testing & Commissioning)
• Migration & Relocation Services. (Testing & Commissioning)
• Maintenance Services. (Testing & Commissioning)

Network integrators Datacenter integrators (racking stacking)

Save IT staff resources, maintain the focus on your core IT mission, and eliminate the unpredictability with our professional design and installation service. Let MAK ComSSol, rack and cable your datacenter equipment — at your site or before it ships

With MAK ComSSol’s “Rack and Stack” service, you’ll eliminate the labor-intensive tasks that must occur each and every time new a server cluster, storage device(s) or networking gear is installed. Our experienced technicians can rack and cable your data center products — either on-site at your data center or prior to shipping at our facility, ensuring consistency and exceptionally high quality.

ICT Integrators (VOIP, Video, CCTV)

ICT Integrators range offers an open standard, non-proprietary solution that can operate as standalone point-to-point VOIP, Video and CCTV systems, or integrate with your electronic access control system for added capability and efficiency.