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Our network of networks provides the precise coverage you need wherever you operate. Learn more about your options – whether it’s understanding the differences among satellite bands and orbits or how we leverage fiber, microwave and LTE networks.

VSAT Backup

C-band Coverage

For remote VSAT that is not susceptible to rain fade and other external elements, choose MAK Comssol’s C-band coverage. Global C-band can reach virtually any location, anytime, anywhere.

Ka-band Coverage

high-speed Ka-band solution is designed to meet your low-latency requirements.

Primary applications:

Land Xpress

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

KU Band Coverage

57°E — NSS 12
Ku-band South Asia Beam
Distance to satellite:35786.4km
Location:0° 57°E
Elevation angle:90°
LNB Tilt (skew):NaN° ↻
True azimuth: 
Next Sun
azimuth match at: